La Caty was born on October 2018, it was created due to the love in Mexican design and craftsmanship. We wanted to help 100% Mexican brands evolve and grow.

It was born with the desire to help just commerce, help the native community and facilitate the purchase to be easy and accessible.


We LOVE Mexico!!! We think there is enormous potential in our country’s artisans.


Our first home was born in San Miguel de Allende inside the Live Aqua Hotel. This is a place full of culture, history and Mexican design.


La Caty carries all kinds of products including accessories and jewelry, home products, typical native art and women and men clothing.


We are known for our taste and expertise when we look for our products, generally made in different materials and looking for special characteristics that make them different and hard to get. Coming into La Caty makes you feel submerged in different textures, flavors, colors and smells of Mexico.


We want to expand and show people that Mexican design can be transported to every little space around the world. We want to cross frontiers and give credit to Mexican art.


We ship to Mexico and United States.

If you need a shipping to any other country please send us an e-mail [email protected]